Website Management

Websites need to be monitored and updates on a regular basis. TMC Web Designs can take care of that for you.

Our maintenance services include…

Making website improvements
This could be anything from changing a font colour to removing graphics or changes to content.

Enhancing your websites design
This tends to be layout structure, menu changes, new graphics.

Functionality troubleshooting
There inevitably will be glitches or errors that will creep up from time to time. Platform, theme or plugins get updated and sometimes cause compatibilty issues.

Upgrading your CMS, plugins and Hosting
your CMS (WordPress) and Plugins are upgraded on a regular basis as updates become available. As well as making sure you Webhost is secure and functioning at a high level.

Adding new functionality
This could adding am online shopping cart, blog, forms or adding a gallery.

Adding new pages or sections to your website
When adding pages you also have to add into the layout of the website, including the menus and other linked area’s

Regular reviews to pinpoint beneficial improvement options
Sometimes certain pages or area’s are just not working for you and need a tweak.

Keeping your blog updated with fresh content
Probably the most important and best way to keep your website updated and relevant to the Search Engines and Social Media.

What are your website maintenance needs?

Typically, the clients that find the most value in our site maintenance services are those looking for ongoing, monthly engagements, retainers, or packages with an agency of experts they can trust completely.

They’ve typically set aside an annual marketing budget but don’t have the resources to take care of website updates and improvements in-house. They also put tremendous value on having work completed on-time within a set, agreed-upon budget.

Companies we are often not a good fit for include small businesses with one-off or minor updating needs. Most times, a freelancer or very small agency will be able to help these types of businesses with occasional and minor requests more cost-effectively when advanced expertise, project management, and the meeting of critical deadlines aren’t necessary.